Anton Pustovoyt
UX designer

Assistansbolaget webshop

A roadside assistance insurance

Simplifying roadside assistance 

Assistansbolaget offers a unique service in terms of roadside assistance insurance, where users can buy a subscription that covers their vehicle for any unexpected stops or issues along the way.

They wanted to update their entire platform, and I came into the project to take charge of the website's redesign and its user experience. 

A modern approach to roadside assistance

Defining the product's identity through the golden circle.

Concepting the new experience

Starting a project from scratch is both a thrill and a challenge, as you have to explore and understand the product's identity instead of relying on the existing guidelines. 

Assistansbolaget offers a unique combination of insurance and road-side assistance, and needed to convey its brand's premium security combined with a family-friendly vibe. 

To better understand the industry and the company, I started by analysing the company's existing visual material used in their communications, and researching their competitors. We held workshops to define the product and its users, creating user personas and mapping their journey through the product.

Sketching out different flow of the main page.

Brainstorming the layout

Once the product's identity and its goals were established, I continued to ideate the web experience, focusing on how I want to guide the visitors through the content while describing the product. 

Whiteboard sketching allows for trial and error, and quick iterations, so I used it to test out the ideas and see which best suited the product's identity.  


Wireframing the website

To ensure that we're moving in the right direction, and allow for quick iteration on the design, detailed wireframes were created for each page on the website and continuously communicated with Assistansbolaget.

Wireframes were tested for usability and navigation to detect any issues early on, before continuing to the actual visual design of the website.


Designing the experience

Using Sketch, I produced designs for the website including all subpages and mobile, and exported them to Zeplin, a tool that allows developers to easily inspect the designs and get proper dimensions and colors. 

As part of the design process, we created new guidelines for Assistansbolaget's digital presence, including typography, colors and form.

The layout went through several minor iterations, since once everything is in color, filled with images and proper content, it often gives a different impression than simple wireframes. That was expected, and we quickly improved on the design to adjust for it.

Another challenge was to keep the design flexible, since Assistansbolaget operates in multiple countries, and wanted to be able to use the theme for locally branded websites.


A new shopping experience

The insurance shop was the core of the redesigned website, where the customers would eventually end up purchasing the product, and posed many interesting challenges. There were various odd user cases, such as combining several types of insurances, handing the summary display on the mobile, and navigating between the steps.

I designed and tested multiple iterations of the shop in terms of mockups, finally arriving upon one that worked as good on desktop as it did on mobile, meeting the desired user experience.

My pages portal

As part of the redesign, Assistansbolaget wanted to release a new product, a membership portal where their customers could manage their existing insurances, buy new ones, access membership-only benefits and edit their info.

I wire-framed and designed the portal, focusing on retaining the general feel of the brand, but adapting it to a new experience and functionality. 

Wrapping up

Assistansbolaget was an interesting and fun challenge, with a lot of opportunities for growth as a designer. The project's wasn't limited to design and UX only, I also provided SEO, brand guide update for the website and future digital products, and consultancy on what kind of content would most effectively reach the customers.

It was exciting to follow a project all the way from start to finish, and it can be viewed on